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“If the Phanar Continues to Systematically Split Orthodoxy, Then Anything Can Happen”

At the beginning of our conversation with Vladyka Theodosy (Snigirev) of Boyarka, one of the speakers of the UOC, we leaf through the files of Church periodicals in 1992 that tell about the events of twenty-seven years ago. Upon the arrival in Kiev on June 10, 1992, of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan) of Kiev and All Ukraine († 2014), who was elected primate of the UOC at the historic Kharkov Council (in May 1992), congratulatory telegrams and letters arrived to the Metropolis from the heads of all Local Churches, including Constantinople and the Greek Church, which emphasized the recognition of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church—the only Church that was canonical and independent in its administration on the territory of the newly-established state of Ukraine. The texts of these documents were published in the official UOC publications “Orthodox Church Gazette” and the journal “Orthodox Herald.” After that, representatives of the aforementioned Churches of Constantinople and Greece participated many times in UOC Church celebrations in Kiev, on Vladimir Hill and in the Kiev Caves Lavra on the day of the Baptism of Rus’, and repeatedly expressed condemnation of the schism perpetrated by the former Metropolitan Philaret, as evidenced by the published epistles, reports, and communiqués of these Churches.

Archbishop Theodosy (Signirev)

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